Nurse Manager Leadership Workshop

The Nurse Manager Leadership Workshop is an interactive program that combines lecture and discussion by Iowa nursing leaders. Attendees will discover their leadership potential while learning about:
• Advocacy.
• Communication.
• Fiscal management.
• Human resources.
• Performance improvement.
• Personal and professional accountability.
• Planning.
Attendees also will identify their roles in the future of nursing.

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The workshop will have four virtual days that will include eight sessions. The sessions are scheduled January-April 2024. If a participant misses a session, a recording will be available to watch. Contact Tori Hanson at 515-288-1955 with any questions.

This workshop is intended for new and aspiring nurse managers.


Personal and Professional Accountability for Nurse Leaders
In this session, participants will learn to develop and grow personally and professionally. Presenters will discuss pathways for advancement and leadership effectiveness in several areas including education advancement, continuing education, career planning and annual self-assessment. Nurse leaders will be introduced to the correlation between personal accountability and the performance of the teams they lead.

Strategic Management for Nurse Leaders
This session will teach participants about seeing and developing the big picture, while finding their voices in leadership. Participants will learn to engage with front-line staff in not only the development of plans, but also their execution. Participants should be ready for a fun and engaging session about strategy, leadership and management.

Personal Journey Disciplines/Action Learning for Nurse Leaders
Through self-assessment and group dialogue, participants will explore and develop their tendencies and skills in emotional intelligence and communication styles. Application to real-life scenarios facing nursing leaders will be the context of discussion and role-playing. The learning environment will be a safe place to share questions and challenges while trying new skills.

Communication Skills for Nurse Leaders
Attendees will learn communication skills that will allow them to communicate effectively in different situations. This session will allow attendees to practice communication techniques and share questions and challenges.

Human Resources for Nurse Leaders
Attendees will learn to manage human resources issues in their nursing units. Attendees will discuss strategies to select and retain staff, manage staff performance and development, and handle disciplinary actions. These strategies will help a nurse manager oversee the personnel on their units.

Financial Management for Nurse Leaders
Attendees will learn the basics of fiscal responsibility for nursing services. Attendees will review a departmental budget, identify staffing and flexing alternatives to meet patient care requirements, and discuss recognizing and responding to budget variances. The discussion and case study will allow attendees to understand the financial responsibilities they will face daily within their nursing units.

Performance Improvement for Nurse Leaders
This session will cover the core principles of patient safety and how nurse leaders can be drivers of safety initiatives at the department level. Nurse leaders also will learn how to evaluate and achieve their department’s regulatory compliance and maintain a state of survey readiness.

Advocacy and Regulation for Nurse Leaders
This session provides nurse leaders with a comprehensive look at how to effectively and concisely advocate for the many health care issues that come before the Iowa Legislature. Nurse leaders also will learn why advocacy is so important and the impact it has on patient care and hospital operations.


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