Information Center Staff Directory

You know the IHA Information Center is the source for health care data in Iowa, but did you know our staff is our greatest resource and we are here to assist you? Since 1986, the Information Center staff have gathered, analyzed, and interpreted data about Iowa hospitals and health systems. Whether you are trying to decide which database to utilize or how to read a Patient Origin and Destination Study, the Information Center staff is available to fulfill data request, interpret information, and determine what data products/services to use. We can assist you in answering the data questions you have as well as help you ask the right questions in your search for data.

The Information Center staff is committed to providing high quality data products and services, and a quick response to your data requests. For more information on the IHA Information Center call 515-288-1955 or complete the IHA Information Center contact form. If you are looking for a particular data product or service contact the following staff:

  • Perry Meyer, Executive Vice President, Operations & ServiShare, Information Center
  • Sara Hayes, Senior Vice President, Information Center
  • Gary Davis, Vice President, IT Services
  • Kara Staiert, Vice President, IPOP and Data Analytics
  • Edvin Kotoric, Senior Director, IT Services
  • John Richardson, Senior Director, IPOP and Data Analytics
  • Vanessa Calderon, Senior Director, Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Trent Archer, Director, System Administration
  • Sarah Coddington, Director, IPOP and Data Analytics
  • Sari Kurimski, Director, IPOP & Data Analytics
  • Allison Martin, Director, Financial and Member Database Services
  • Reagon Worthington, Director, IPOP and ServiShare Services


IHA Information Center

Phone: 515-288-1955
Fax: 515-283-9366


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