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IHA Annual Survey

  • Annual hospital licensure survey in Iowa
  • Source: Audited financial statements
  • Contains: utilization, financial, personnel and services data

Contact: Sari Kurimski

DATABANK Monthly Reporting System

  • Data due monthly by 21st of the next month
  • Total facility based with acute and long-term care data
  • Financial, personnel, and utilization data
  • Balance sheet and financial ratios

Contact: Allison Martin


  • "Point & Click:" ease to use Internet-based software tool that provides more than 90 report templates that you can customize for use with inpatient/outpatient data
  • "Slice & Dice:" customized Internet-based software used to build reports and charts for use with inpatient/outpatient data
  • "Discovery Datalytics:" a sutie of dasbhaords that provides members the opportunity to visually analyze hospital and health care data in support of strategic planning and operational decision making.

Contact:  John Richardson

Hospital Economic Impact

  • Annual release of economic impact data for hospitals.
  • Data collected from AHA Annual Survey, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Iowa Department of Revenue and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Derives the estimated impact of Iowa Hospitals on the state economy.

Contact: Allison Martin

Community Benefits Survey

  • Annual release of community benefits data for hospitals.
  • Data collected from a short hospital survey.
  • Hospitals receive peer benchmarking data.
  • Used in IHA state and national advocacy efforts.

Contact: Allison Martin

IHA Hospital Board Assessment

  • Measures a hospital board's performance, along with a self evaluation for board members.
  • Benchmarks results against peer groups and across the state.
  • Ability to customize assessment to fit facility needs.

Contact: Allison Martin

IHA Annual Salary, Turnover and Benefits Survey Program

  • Annual data due by September 1
  • Reports sent to hospitals in early October
  • Includes information on management, non-management and executive salaries and benefits

Contact: Allison Martin

Medicare Impact Modeling

  • Payment impact analysis of Medicare regulation and legislation
  • Source: Medicare health care provider cost report information system (HCRIS)

Contact: Allison Martin

Statewide Inpatient/Outpatient Databases

Data due quarterly:

  • 1st Quarter Data Due May 31
  • 2nd Quarter Data Due August 31
  • 3rd Quarter Data Due November 30
  • 4th Quarter Data Due February 28
  • Inpatient: Includes data on acute inpatients including newborns, skilled, swing bed skilled, behavioral health and rehabilitation
  • Outpatient: Includes data on all hospital-based ambulatory procedures, emergency room and observation patients
  • Required by the State of Iowa
  • Databases released semiannually
  • Data available in Dimensions (software used to produce data in a user friendly useful format)

Contact: Kara Staiert

For Endorsed Services, contact: Perry Meyer

You know the IHA Information Center is the source for health care data in Iowa...

But did you know our staff is our greatest resource and we are here to assist you? Since 1986, Information Center staff have gathered, analyzed and interpreted data about Iowa hospitals and health systems. Whether you are trying to decide which database to utilize or how to read a Patient Origin and Destination Study, Information Center staff is available to fulfill data request, interpret information and determine what data products or services to use. We can assist you in answering the data questions you have as well as help you ask the right questions in your search for data.

The Information Center staff is committed to providing high quality data products and services and a quick response to your data requests. For more information on the IHA Information Center call 800-240-1046 or complete the IHA contact form, HERE. If you are looking for a particular data product or service, contact the following staff:

  • Perry Meyer, Executive Vice President, Operations & ServiShare, Information Center
  • Sara Hayes, Senior Vice President, Information Center
  • Gary Davis, Vice President, IT Services
  • Kara Staiert, Vice President, IPOP and Data Analytics
  • Edvin Kotoric, Senior Director, Information Technology Services
  • John Richardson, Senior Director, IPOP and Data Analytics
  • Vanessa Calderon, Senior Director, Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Trent Archer, Director, System Administration
  • Sarah Coddington, Director, IPOP and Data Analytics
  • Sari Kurimski, Director, IPOP and Data Analytics
  • Allison Martin, Director, Financial and Member Database Services


IHA Information Center

Phone: 515-288-1955

Fax: 515-283-9366


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