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June 3- Telemedicine After COVID-19, Hospital at Home and Expansion of Technology

Daniel Kraft

COVID-19 is a catalyst across health care innovation and delivery. The pandemic has accelerated the digitization and virtualization of health care from telemedicine to remote patient monitoring, with long-term implications for more continuous, proactive, personalized, anytime-anywhere health and medicine, increasingly moving from the hospital to the home. Who better to explore what is emerging and coming
next in prevention, diagnostics and therapy and its implications for hospital systems than Daniel Kraft, MD? Dr. Kraft has been a favorite of the Iowa Hospital Association members, serving as a keynote speaker at both a previous summer forum and annual meeting.

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June 10-Health Care Strategy Post-crisis: What the “Big Playbook” Should Look Like

Paul Keckley

The US health system will change dramatically as organizations emerge from the pandemic and a new administration takes over in Washington, DC. In this session, we’ll discuss the five areas these changes are likely to occur:
• Actions and regulatory reforms.
• Capital sourcing and deployment.
• Clinical innovation.
• Consumer attitudes.
• Technology.

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June 17-Diversity and Inclusion

Kim Blue

As an executive with Zoom, Kim Blue leads the company’s worldwide team of human resources business partners. In this role, Blue has gained extensive experience in leading diversity and inclusion initiatives,
providing her the collective understanding that inclusion allows for all perspectives to have a place at the table. That place at the table is not conditioned by an agreement of being like-minded. This Noons in June
session is a conversation with Blue that dives into intentional inclusion, personal mindset and being your authentic self in an organizational environment.

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June 24-Running Toward Chaos

Natalie Stavas

Monday, April 15, 2013, Natalie Stavas, MD, approached the finish line of her fifth Boston Marathon. Just blocks away, Dr. Stavas heard explosions and she ran toward them. Arriving at the scene, she went to work
administering CPR, applying tourniquets and triaging the wounded. What led her to make that fateful decision to run into a terrorist attack? An expert on chaos, Dr. Stavas attacks every obstacle with the same attitude: “Run toward that which you fear, that which challenges you, that which is oppositional.” Running toward chaos makes chaos more manageable.

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Continuing Education

1.0 nursing contact hours will be awarded on June 3, 1.0 nursing contact hours will be awarded June 10, 1.0 nursing
contact hours will be awarded June 17  for this series by IHA, Iowa Board of Nursing Provider No. 4. Iowa nursing contact hours will not be issued unless your Iowa license number is provided. For nursing contact hours to be offered, your webinar sign-in and sign-out times will be verified. If you are part
of a group participating, you must assign an on-site proctor to oversee the process required by the Iowa Board of Nursing
and Iowa Hospital Association.

By attending the NOONS IN JUNE virtual series offered by Iowa Hospital Association, participants may earn up to 4.0
ACHE-qualified education hours toward initial certification or recertification of the fellow of the American College of
Healthcare Executives designation.

Board members participating in IHA’s Hospital Board Certification Program can earn 1.0 hours of face-to-face education for
each webinar for up to 4.0 hours for the series.

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