Hospital Governing Boards

Hospital Board Education

IHA offers three events annually that have a focus on trustee and board education.  These are key events to participate in to receive the hours required for the hospital and board trustee certification program.

2022 IHA Governance Forum

Friday, April 22, and Saturday the 23rd.

2022 IHA Governance Webinar Series

Tuesday, May 17.

Tuesday, July 12.

Tuesday, September 13.

Tuesday, November 15.

2022 IHA Annual Meeting

Tuesday, October 4, and Wednesday the 5th.

Trustee Minutes

Governance Resources

These resources can help hospital trustees in almost every aspect of governance:


Trustee resource videos

The IHA has several trustee resource videos included in the Media Store. Visit that section HERE.

New: Critical Questions Every Hospital Board Needs to be Able to Answer

“Critical Questions Every Hospital Needs to be Able to Answer” is a comprehensive document that may be shared electronically or printed as a booklet for new trustees. Iowa Hospital Association member hospitals have used this as a primer for new board members and a refresher for existing board members by using the questions for discussion and building understanding and awareness at board meetings.

Updated in 2021, the 135-page document provides new trustees with answers to the most-important questions they must know, including:

  • How can the board be visionary in an era of uncertainty and transformation?
  • How does the board build lasting community partnerships?
  • How does the board create a culture of safety?
  • How does the board ensure a healthy, equitable community?
  • How does the board ensure continuous growth in its critical leadership knowledge?
  • How does the board ensure strong and effective executive leadership?
  • How does the board ensure strong collaboration with the medical staff?
  • How does the board ensure successful leadership?
  • How does the board hold itself accountable for continuous leadership improvement?
  • How does the board keep conflict out of the boardroom?
  • How does the board move forward after COVID-19?
  • How should the board gauge the hospitals’ financial performance?
  • What are the most prominent health needs in the community?
  • What does it mean to be an effective hospital advocate?
  • What is are differences among the hospital’s mission, vision and values?
  • What is population health, and why is it important?
  • What is the board’s accountability for ensuring the right organizational structure?
  • What is the board’s fiduciary responsibility?
  • What is the board’s responsibility for ensuring a positive workplace culture?
  • What is the board’s responsibility for planning?
  • What is the board’s role in medical staff credentialing?
  • What is the board’s role in quality and patient safety?
  • What’s is the board’s role in disaster planning?
  • Why should the hospital develop a community benefits report?

Click HERE to download a PDF of the document.

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