Hospital Trustees

Board of Trustees Certification Program

Certified TrusteeIn a rapidly changing health care environment, the Iowa Hospital Association is committed to supporting good hospital governance and quality of care. Our Hospital Board Certification Program provides trustee-centered training and resources based on best practices to demonstrate to stakeholders that Iowa hospitals:

  • Understand and embrace the need for hospital governance accountability.
  • Govern according to a standard of excellence.
  • Are willing to formally certify their adherence to governance best practices.
  • Are committed to coordination of care and resources in their communities.
  • Support community accountability and transparency.
  • Structure their community benefit and outreach programs to meet identified community needs.
  • Use data to identify and address areas of need, especially with the uninsured and underinsured.
  • Use performance data to identify opportunities for improvement and monitor progress that improves quality and safety.
  • Integrate local health efforts with state and federal programs.

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Critical Questions Every Iowa Hospital Board Needs to be Able to Answer

A guide has been developed as a resource for trustees seeking to ensure their board discussions, deliberations and decisions are well-informed and evidence-based. Click here to download the document as a PDF file.

Governance Resources

This section includes the following resources to help hospital trustees in almost every aspect of governance:

  • Trustee Minutes
  • Public Hospital Trustees FAQ
  • IHA Publications
  • Boardroom Resources
  • Orientation Resources
  • Advocacy Resources
  • BoardEffect for IHA members and a special discount

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GovernWell Educates Iowa Hospital Boards and Trustees

Iowa hospital boards of trustees need credible sources of information and readily accessible tools, templates and materials to meet the increasing demands of board service and the complexity of the challenges confronting boards statewide. To meet that need, the Iowa Hospital Association has partnered with The Walker Company to offer GovernWell as a source of comprehensive, easy-to-use and customizable hospital board governance education programs, templates and tools. Click here to learn more.

IHA Partner Education Opportunities

Featuring online trustee education opportunities from:

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IHA Hospital Board Assessment

Click here to learn more about the Iowa Hospital Association's online board assessment and view a sample assessment.

Trustee Minutes

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