Enhancing Iowa Hospital Association Members' Access to State Inpatient and Outpatient Databases

Improved Information for Patient Assessment, Physician Recruitment and More

The Iowa Hospital Association has developed a comprehensive online solution to greatly enhance our members' use of the statewide inpatient and outpatient databases.

Members use Dimensions and the databases to easily analyze market share, perform patient service assessments, plan hospital services, analyze and recruit physicians, benchmark with peers and assess community needs. Click here to login or sign up with Dimensions.

Dimensions Components to Improve Access to Iowa Inpatient and Outpatient Databases

There are three components to the Dimensions program:

  1. Discovery Datalytics is a suite of dashboards that provides members the opportunity to visually analyze Iowa hospital and health care data in support of strategic planning and operational decision making. The dashboards employ multiple data sets, including utilization, financial, public health and quality data.
  2. Slice and Dice is a customized software package used to build reports and charts in a user-friendly "slice and dice" environment. This flexible reporting tool allows you to select only the elements you need to see on your report in a layout of your choosing.
  3. Point and Click is an easy-to-use tool providing standard report layouts you can customize "on the fly" to analyze both inpatient and outpatient data and markets. An intuitive report wizard guides you through the process, letting you quickly produce ready-to-use reports based on your selections.

For more information or to schedule a demo, contact John Richardson at IHA.

IHA Policy on Member Re-Release of IHA Statewide Inpatient/Outpatient Data Bases and IHA Dimensions Access

IHA Policy on Data Verification

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