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The Iowa Rural Health Telecommunications Program (IRHTP) is a joint effort consisting of a consortium of 85 Iowa rural and urban hospitals, two South Dakota hospitals, one Nebraska hospital, the Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) and the Iowa Communications Network (ICN) with the purpose to connect willing Iowa hospitals to a dedicated broadband fiber network using existing ICN infrastructure.

In May of 2007, IHA submitted the IRHTP proposal on behalf of Iowa hospitals to the Federal Communications Commission. The proposal was to provide last mile fiber connections for members of the consortium by linking them to the closest appropriate ICN Point of Presence with one gigabit of ethernet electronics.

IHA has and will continue to have responsibility for the general project administration and management which includes:

  • Meeting logistics for the IRHTP Board of Directors
  • Serve as the project coordinator for the IRHTP
    • Management of the administrative aspects of the approved network
    • Complete and submit program forms and supporting documentation
    • Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) payment management
    • Serve as the primary point of contact for the IRHTP
    • Communicate any requests and requirements to participating entities
    • Assure administrative project documentation
    • Maintain project files
    • Prepare for any auditing activities

For more information, contact Corey Martin at IHA via email or phone at 515-283-9309. 
For billing and invoicing questions please contact Stephanie Dabney at IHA. 


As of July 30, 2018

  • The 2017 funding commitment letters with USAC that were approved in March exceeded the dollars available so this time period's reimbursements and were pro-rated. However, thanks to groups like the American Hospital Association, who lobbied on our behalf, USAC agreed to increase the funding and eliminated the need for a pro-rated amount. The funding amounts moving forward have taken into account inflation and now exceed the 400 million that was there previously. 
  • The IRHTP board meeting was held on April 4 at the Iowa Hospital Association in Des Moines. Board members discussed the approved equipment refresh project, as well as the USAC filing windows, meet with ICN personnel and began strategic planning for IRHTP's future endeavors.
  • The 2018 funding year requests were submitted prior to the June 30 deadline. All expenses for the Equipment Refresh project, along with the routine monthly connection expenses were submitted. These requests are in the final review period with USAC.
  • Additional approved reimbursement dollars are being submitted for expenses paid July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 to USAC for review in August, which will translate to additional revenue back to the facilities once the ICN verifies the expenses and approves the reimbursement request.
  • Work on the Equipment Refresh Project has begun. ICN has received the first shipment of components and are building their implementation plan and have started equipment testing.
  • ​A quarterly IRHTP newsletter has been created as a communications tool for our members. Contact Corey Martin at IHA to be added to the mailing list.

Board Members

Scott Curtis, Administrator, Kossuth Regional Health Center
Steve Baumert, President and CEO, Methodist Jennie Edmundson
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Lee Carmen, VP of Information Services, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
Jeff Cash, Senior VP and CIO, Mercy Medical Center – Cedar Rapids
Fred Eastman, Telehealth Technology Manager, Mercy Health Network
Robert Frieden, VP of Info Services and CIO, Genesis Health System
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Mike Myers, CEO, Veterans Memorial Hospital
Kirk Norris, President and CEO, Iowa Hospital Association
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Daryl Bouma, Chief Technology Officer, Sanford Health