Data Request

IHA member hospitals may click here to request the Origin and Destination Studies or the Observed Verses Expected reports.

Inpatient Data Request

IHA Statewide Inpatient Database:  The IHA Statewide Inpatient Database contains patient level discharge data for all acute discharges including newborns, excluding SNF, long term care, and swing bed from Iowa hospitals. The semi-annual release of data generated from this database helps hospitals and health systems analyze market share as well as inpatient migration to and from their service area. Custom reports and data in electronic format are available as well as a semi-annual origin and destination studies. IHA has studies available since 1988.

Non-Resident Inpatient Database:  In addition to analyzing patient services offered by hospitals and health systems within the state of Iowa, patient level data on Iowa residents treated in non-Iowa hospitals provides the means to evaluate and plan hospital and health system services. Inpatient data from states other than Iowa are available from the IHA Non-Resident Inpatient Database.

Outpatient Data Request

IHA Statewide Outpatient Database:  The IHA Statewide Outpatient Database contains data on all emergency room, ambulatory surgeries, and observation visits from Iowa hospitals and surgery centers. The semi-annual release of data from this database contains data at many levels including facility, procedure, and physician level. Semi-annual Outpatient Origin and Destination Studies, custom reports, and data in electronic format are available. IHA has data since 1995.

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