Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Health Care

Health care professionals are constantly adapting, evolving, and sharpening clinical skills for the betterment of patients. Look
no further than the COVID-19 pandemic. It demanded new thinking and approaches to provide quality patient care. It also
brought into full view racial, ethnic and social disparities in health care and the need to understand what diversity, equity,
and inclusion mean. Increasing our understanding of the uniqueness of our patients and colleagues by acknowledging what
barriers they may have to overcome will better improve health care for all Iowans.

This new IHA certificate program is a partnership with Schabel Solutions and IHA’s Committee on Diversity, Health Equity,
and Inclusion and is an initiative of its 2022 strategic priorities. The interactive workshops will introduce innovative solutions
designed to provide hospital teams a proactive approach for developing a sustainable DEI program in their organization.
To earn the IHA DEI Certificate, individuals must participate in and complete all five workshops.
2022 program brochure

Claudia Schabel is founder, president and CEO of Schabel Solutions.The firm, Schabel Solutions, has
more than 25 years of DEI and human resources practitioner experience, largely with Fortune 100 and
Fortune 500 companies. As a diversity and inclusion strategic partner, Schabel Solutions combines DEI
expertise with significant international experience and multicultural backgrounds to help organizations
address the dangers of unmitigated unconscious bias, untapped talent, missed market opportunities and
stagnant innovation.


Understanding the DEI Journey
This session will focus on describing the DEI vocabulary to participants, detailing the stages of the DEI journey and how
health care organizations can move forward with DEI initiatives that create an impact.

Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
This session will explore unconscious bias, the impact biases have on decision-making and how health care organizations can
mitigate their biases.


Beyond Diversity: The Business Case for Inclusion
This session focuses on how the performance of health care organizations is linked to the effectiveness of their diversity,
equity and inclusion efforts. The session will explore how DEI aligns with a health care organizations’ strategic objectives.


Leading Diverse Teams
This session will focus on describing the six traits of inclusive health care leadership, the behaviors and skills, what is required
for effectively leading diverse teams.


Allyship in the Workplace
This session will describe what allyship is, the crucial role it plays in sustaining an inclusive health care workplace culture and
actions allies can take to support others in the workplace.


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