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It's not what we do, it's who we do it for.

CMBA Architects is recognized as a regional leader in health care design. Our focus is on the patients - their care, experience, and healing.
When it comes to medical spaces such as hospitals, surgery centers and clinics, we consider the needs of several audiences:

  • Doctors, nurses and staff need a space that is functional and efficient.
  • Visitors need a space that is warm and comforting as well as comfortable.
  • Patients need spaces that allow for privacy and encourage healing.

These are what drive CMBA to design spaces with the end user in mind - and why we advocate for EDAC. Whether it is waiting in a warm, welcoming lobby or having calming artwork on the walls, a hospital's physical space truly has an impact on the satisfaction and well-being of the patient. Isn't that what everyone wants?

For the experiences created for patients and their families to be remarkable? So remarkable that visitors to these facilities can't help but talk about the experience to their friends and family? That is why we not only understand the importance of evidence-based design, but advocate for it with our clients.

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