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The IHA PAC is the political action committee (PAC) of the Iowa Hospital Association (IHA). The committee was started in 1990 to promote and facilitate voluntary contributions from IHA members to support candidates for elective office.

Monies raised through the IHA PAC campaign are used to support candidates seeking election to state office. The IHA PAC is nonpartisan and supports members regardless of party affiliation. The IHA PAC seeks to support candidates with a demonstrated willingness to listen to the perspectives of Iowa hospitals and champion IHA’s public policy priorities to ensure access to quality health care for Iowans.

The IHA PAC also serves as a collecting agent on behalf of the American Hospital Association's federal PAC that supports the election of candidates for federal office.

Having a robust PAC enables IHA to fully engage on public policy issues to safeguard the interests of Iowa hospitals and sustain critical relationships with elected lawmakers.

A strong PAC ensures your voice is heard.

IHA PAC dashboard

Bookmark the IHA PAC dashboard to track your hospital’s progress to your goal and see contributions being made by individuals and hospitals statewide.

Become a hospital/health care advocate

Get involved! Not only is it exciting to be part of grassroots health care advocacy for Iowa hospitals, but it’s also vital to ensuring we continue to provide high-quality, safe and affordable health care in Iowa hospitals. The future of our vital industry depends on people like you to take an interest, take action and be part of the effort toward positive change.

It's easy to become an Iowa hospital grassroots health care advocate and join the Iowa Hospital Association’s Hospital Action Network. Click here to sign up or act on an issue. And visit the IHA blog,, for news about issues affecting not only Iowa hospitals but also health care nationwide.


Resources for hospital PAC campaigns

The IHA PAC Committee wants to make reaching your hospital’s campaign goal as easy as possible. A variety of resources including hospital-specific goals, donation brochures and contribution forms, as well as sample messages and PAC videos to support your campaign outreach are available from IHA. Contact for access.


Contributions to the IHA PAC are accepted only from those who are full-time, salaried hospital employees with managerial roles or higher, hospital trustees and employed physicians. Participation in the IHA PAC is voluntary and has no impact on job status, performance review, compensation or employment. You have the right to refuse to contribute without being subject to coercion or reprisal. Only personal contributions are accepted. Corporate contributions are not permitted. Contributions to a PAC are not deductible for federal or state income tax purposes.

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