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Board Certification Program

IHA has designed the Hospital Board Certification program to help hospitals use governance best practices, promote the coordination of care and the best use of resources and demonstrate to lawmakers, regulators, physicians, employees, the business community and other community stakeholders that Iowa hospitals.

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'Critical Questions Every Hospital Board Needs to be Able to Answer'

This guide has been developed as a resource for trustees seeking to ensure their board discussions, deliberations and decisions are well-informed and evidence based, as they lead their organizations into the future.

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Iowa trustees need credible sources of information and readily accessible tools, templates and materials in order to meet the increasing demands of board service and the complexity of the challenges that are confronting boards across the state. To meet that need, IHA has partnered with The Walker Company to offer GovernWell as a source of comprehensive, easy-to-use and customizable governance education programs, templates and tools, all aimed at ensuring optimal success in hospital governance practices.

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Governance Resources

This section includes the following resources to help hospital trustees in almost every aspect of governance:

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IHA Hospital Board Assessment

IHA’s Online Board Assessment has undergone a complete makeover.  The survey questions and the Web interface have been updated.  A workgroup of CEOs, trustees and members of IHA’s Council on Education and Member Services worked with IHA staff to compile a new set of questions for the online survey.  The questions are aligned in new categories to better reflect the role of governance in today’s health care environment.

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IHA Partner Education Opportunities

Featuring online trustee education opportunities from:

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IHA Multimedia Showcase

To provide trustees with the most current information on advocacy, education and information services, IHA has created the IHA Multimedia Showcase. The showcase provides trustees and hospital members convenient online access to free video recordings. Showcase channels, including one specifically for trustees, and other search functions make it easy to navigate and find videos on specific topics. Watch the Multimedia Showcase tutorial for a full description of what the showcase has to offer. New recordings and channels will be added, so check back often for updates. Questions can be directed to Joah Hogan at IHA.