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IHA ChimeMaps is a Web-based population health and geographic mapping program that provides for hospital market analysis and community needs assessment incorporating IHA Iowa hospital discharge, population health and demographic data. Three principal modules make up the program:

Service Line Analysis

Displays zip code utilization and market share data by service line with the ability to drill down to patient population address level.

Community Analysis

Shows patient address level data for key health conditions and merges data with demographic and socioeconomic factors.

Distance Analysis

Highlights multiple hospitals’ service areas on a single map using road distance and drive time metrics. Hospital users can leverage IHA ChimeMaps to target interventions to high-risk neighborhoods based on clusters of patients with specific health conditions.Utilization and market share can be monitored across communities and assist in planning for new service line operations.


There is a per-hospital license fee to utilize the IHA ChimeMaps software.

For more information, download the brochure or contact Kara Staiert at IHA.

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