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GovernWell: Essentials for Excellence

Calls for greater levels of governance accountability require motivated, knowledgeable hospital trustees who understand how to think and lead strategically. Iowa trustees need credible sources of information and readily accessible tools, templates and materials in order to meet the increasing demands of board service and the complexity of the challenges that are confronting boards across the state.

To meet that need, IHA has partnered with The Walker Company to offer GovernWell as a source of comprehensive, easy-to-use and customizable governance education programs, templates and tools, all aimed at ensuring optimal success in hospital governance practices.

GovernWell Overview: Read about the 11 GovernWell modules designed to provide boards with everything needed to advance trustees' knowledge, skills, structure, practices and capacity for success in this transforming and increasingly changing environment.

Pricing for Individual Hospitals and Systems

The IHA-member price for purchase of GovernWell for one hospital board is $6,500, a $1,000 discount available to IHA members. Hospital networks or systems with 10 or more affiliate boards may purchase a license for GovernWell and distribute all content to their hospitals for $19,500. For systems or networks with 6-9 affiliate boards, the cost is $15,000, while smaller systems or networks with up to five affiliate boards would pay $11,000.

Also, The Walker Company offers GovernWell with a full money back guarantee. If a purchaser is not completely satisfied that it’s worth the cost after 30 days,the full purchase price will be refunded. So there is no risk.

Want to learn more? Visit the GovernWell website for additional program details.