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IHA realizes that keeping employees trained appropriately and ensuring their skills and competencies are up-to-date are constant challenges for hospitals. The cost of developing appropriate curriculum and searching for adequate instruction, in addition to finding the time to train staff, have led hospitals to look for alternatives to traditional education.

For those reasons, IHA, along with 40 other hospital associations and the American Hospital Association, partnered to create careLearning, a not-for-profit, Internet-based education delivery and management solution for hospitals.
Iowa careLearning statistics include the following:

  • 24 participating users
  • Six have been with careLearning for more than 10 years
  • The average IHA-member hospital has been with careLearning for almost eight years
  • 8,239 employees are using careLearning to meet compliance standards, with more than 166,357 individual course registrations

Learn more about careLearning.


careLearning also offers a competency management solution for health care organizations. careSkills is a comprehensive competency management system that provides you information you can use to identify and understand the skills needed to be successful in your organization. This information is useful in strategic workforce planning, employee selection and retention, performance management as well as succession planning. Move your organization beyond traditional regulatory competencies and achieve workforce development initiatives.

With one product, you can:

  • Develop and perform competency assessments, analyze skill gaps and drive workforce development.
  • Help employees with setting goals, journal their progress and automate your performance appraisal processes.

Learn more about careSkills.

Passport Program

careLearning offers the Passport Program to provide students participating in clinical rotation programs education that orients them quickly and effectively one time for all sites they may report to in their area. The program can:

  • Consolidate the requirements of students
  • Lower resource costs for health care organizations/clinical rotation partners
  • Reduce coordination and resources at college/university
  • Provide a reliable, trusted source to keep education up to date
  • Create consistency
  • Further student knowledge and skill
  • Save time for the students, colleges and facility

Learn more about careLearning's Passport Program.

For more information on careLearning.com, contact Jennifer Nutt at IHA.