340B Prescription Drug Discount Program

Good 340B program stewardship principles

To help ensure good stewardship of the 340B program, hospitals participating in the program should structure their policies and practices to demonstrate their commitment. That commitment demonstration includes publicly sharing how 340B savings are used to benefit the community, such as reaching more eligible patients and providing more comprehensive services for those in the community.

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Good stewardship principles

  • Communicate the 340B program's value – The hospital commits to preparing and publishing a narrative annually that describes how they use 340B savings to benefit their community. The narrative would address those programs and services funded, in whole or in part, by 340B savings, including those services that support community access to care that the hospital could not continue without 340B savings. Examples of such programs and services will be different for each hospital. They could include programs that expand access to drugs for vulnerable populations and other services, such as preventive care, emergency services, cancer treatment, vaccinations, home-based care, and mental and behavioral health services.
  • Continue rigorous internal oversight – The hospital, unwavering in its commitment to compliance, assures the audience of its continuous internal reviews. These reviews are conducted to ensure that the hospital's 340B program adheres to the Health Resources and Services Administration program rules and guidance. As part of this commitment, the hospital provides regular and periodic training for its interdisciplinary 340B teams. These teams, comprising C-suite executives and staff from pharmacy, legal and financial assistance, and community outreach and government relations staff, are instrumental in maintaining the hospital's compliance.
  • Disclose the hospital’s 340B estimated savings – The hospital commits to publicly disclosing annually their 340B estimated savings calculated using a standardized method. That method would calculate 340B savings by comparing the 340B acquisition price to group-purchasing organization pricing. If this pricing is unavailable for a 340B drug, the 340B acquisition price would be compared to another acceptable pricing source. To provide context for the estimated savings, hospitals could compare their 340B estimated savings to the hospitals’ total drug expenditures and provide examples of their top 340B drugs.


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