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IHA Medicaid Technical Advisory Group

TAG Charge
The TAG has been organized to identify issues and concerns related to hospitals concerning the ongoing transition in the Medicaid program.  Members of the TAG will convene once per month to discuss ongoing technical issues leading to increased cost (administrative burden); inaccurate reimbursement; delays in the delivery of health care or decreased access to Medicaid services.

2019 IHA Technical Advisory Group Calendar

10:00 a.m. – Noon
IHA Conference Center - North
100 E. Grand, Suite 100, Des Moines

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

No Meeting

April 8

July 8

October 14

February 12

May 13

August 12

November 4

March 11

June 10

September 9

December 9








Anti-Trust Statement
It is the intention of the TAG to refrain from conduct which is, or could be viewed as, anti-competitive. Such conduct would include agreements to fix prices or discussions about prices or costs; inappropriate collective fee negotiations or exchange of price or cost information; group boycotts or threats to boycott; collective refusals to deal; agreements to limit outputs; agreements to divide the market or allocate customers among competitors; and unfair trade practices. Participants in the TAG meetings shall refrain from discussions relating to any of these prohibited activities during said meetings or privately.