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Internet-Based Data Submission 

 To submit inpatient and outpatient data, go to: ipop.ihaonline.org

The IHA Statewide Databases rely on accurate and timely submission of inpatient and outpatient data from hospitals and health systems for release back to hospitals as well as researchers, consultants, state and federal government agencies, universities, vendors and Web-based data organizations.

An Internet-based process for data submission and editing of IHA Statewide Inpatient and Outpatient Databases from all Iowa community hospitals has been in place since January 1, 2003. This includes an expansion of the outpatient database from selected ambulatory surgeries to the collection of all hospital-based outpatient services data.

Data Due Dates
1st Quarter Data: May 31
2nd Quarter Data: August 31
3rd Quarter Data: November 30
4th Quarter Data: Feburary 28

Currently, hospitals are required to have submitted and edited data completed by 60 days following the end of a quarter. Validation should be completed within 75 days of the end of a quarter allowing two weeks to verify or correct any discrepancies.  See policy for details.

Definition of Inpatient and Outpatient Databases

IHA Statewide Inpatient Database


The IHA Statewide Inpatient Database is to include discharges from Acute Care, Newborns, Medical Rehabilitation, Skilled Nursing Care (including swing beds and designated units), Behavioral Health (including Psychiatric Care and Chemical Dependency Care). Submit all inpatient visits on discharge.

Discharges that should be excluded are:




  • Intermediate care (long-term care) patients
  • Custodial/respite patients
  • Hospice patients

IHA Statewide Outpatient Database
The IHA Statewide Outpatient Database is to include all outpatient visits to Iowa hospitals. Outpatient is defined as any patient visit that is not considered an inpatient
Patient accounts that should be excluded are:





  • Reference labs - Include only those patients with a "face-to-face encounter" in the hospital between the patient and the hospital personnel. (For example, a claim should be excluded if a patient's specimen presents for analysis but the patient did not.)
  • Home health claims - Exclude claims with Home Health Revenue Codes 0570-060x.
  • Hospital-owned clinic claims - Exclude claims that are from Medicare-designated provider based clinics and/or claims representing facility charges for visiting specialists. Do report any ancillary services provided as a result of these visits that were provided with the patient presenting to the hospital.

IHA Databases




The statewide inpatient and outpatient databases are submitted semi-annually to the Iowa Department of Public Health on behalf of the hospitals to comply with Administrative Rule (641). The quarterly release of data generated from this database helps hospitals and health systems analyze market share as well as patient migration to and from their service area.


For more information or for help with your username or password, contact Kara Staiert at IHA.