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Provider Satisfaction Survey

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The IHA Provider Satisfaction survey can assist in gaining feedback from providers who work in your hospital.  The survey focuses on operational issues and functions and is specifically designed to be brief so as not to require a lengthy amount of time for the provider to complete.  The standard survey has a total of 23 questions with the majority of the questions answered using a 1-5 scale; there are only three open-ended questions.

Hospitals and health systems can also choose to customize the survey to their particular organizational needs.  If there are specific issues a hospital wants to probe with providers and gain a better sense of their perspective, a maximum of three questions can be added.  In addition, hospitals have the option of removing questions from the standard survey.

The value of the IHA Provider Satisfaction Survey depends to a large degree on the ability and willingness of participants to be open and genuine as they answer survey questions.  Once providers have completed the survey, a detailed report will be provided to the hospital’s survey administrator.  The report will aggregate the provider’s responses from the surveying hospital as well as provide comparative data with hospitals in the same Medicare peer group and statewide.

Sample Provider Satisfaction Survey

Sample Provider Satisfaction Report

To set up a survey account, click here (hospital administrators only).

For more information, contact Allison Martin at IHA.