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Pricing of Patient-Level Databases 

These statewide patient level databases are used by healthcare providers, payers and researchers to analyze market share, assess community needs, negotiate managed care contracts and plan hospital and health system services. 


IHA institutional members, providers of health care who participate in statewide databases have access to the databases as a part of their IHA membership. 


Inpatient    Outpatient

  • Non-participating providers (do not submit patient level data to Inpatient, Non-Resident, or Outpatient Databases) who are not resellers of data.
  • Companies including consultants representing non-participating providers, who are not IHA institutional members who do not resell data.
  • IHA Associate Members that do not resell data.
  • Public requests (state agencies, consumers, research institutes/purposes)
  • Media representatives
  • Health systems contained in the IHA Membership Directory. 


Inpatient   Outpatient 

Organizations that package data to be sold to others in the form of traditional or Web-enabled software or hard-copy reports.