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careLearning Passport Program

The Passport Program was created by careLearning to provide students participating in clinical rotation programs to become orientated quickly and effectively early on in the semester.

The program can:

  • Consolidate the requirements of students
  • Lower resource costs for healthcare organizations/clinical rotation partners
  • Reduce coordination and resources at college/university
  • Provide a reliable, trusted source to keep education up to date
  • Create consistency
  • Further student knowledge and skill
  • Save time for the students, colleges, and facility

What is Included?

careLearning provides the courseware and the means to easily offer it to students. Reporting is made available to the student, college/school, and health care organization.

The topics covered are those needed for CMS, OSHA, The Joint Commission and other common regulatory requirements. Healthcare facilities can also add some of their own content that is specific to their organization.

There are no fees to the health care facility or college for this program. The students each pay $10.00 either through our site or via student fees at their respective school.

To download the Passport Program brochure, click here.

To learn more the Passport Program, click here.

For more information on careLearning.com, contact Cilla Byra at IHA.